Iron Hill studios complete!

February 14, 2018

Radio silence is over! In this time since our last show (Mid-end 2015?) we have written an entirely new album and are set to record it next month. Also, Iron Hill studios {}owned by our own Ehren Hill} has been built and up and running. Already have recorded drums for the newest Solium Fatalis album, and ours starting in March.

New Solium Fatalis single RELEASED!

November 20, 2014

If you're not already familiar, one of the bands we are involved with is Solium Fatalis which has Jeff on vocals, Ehren on guitars and our good friend Jim Gregory doing the songwriting, guitars and producing. Our new album "The Undying Season" is due out sometime in February and we've just released the first single. The album features Cryptopsy's Flo Mounier on drums and Olivier Pinard on bass, with the Mix & Master coming from Christian Donaldson at The Grid in Montreal!!!!

Have a listen to CORPOREAL FORM!

A Hypocrisy Halloween

Posted November 2, 2014

Well we had a fucking blast this weekend, doing a Hypocrisy set for the Metal Thursday Halloween weekend. Big thanks to Chris for putting it on every year and of course all the shows year round! Last year we teamed up with Joe from Iron Gag and Ryan Beevers, so we had to do it again this year.

You can see our cover of Hypocrisy's "Pleasure of Molestation" on YouTube.